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LMV Pitching Clinic

Once a month we hold our LMV Pitching Clinic.  This is a 3 hour pitching clinic where we discuss ideas to have better Location, Movement, and Velocity (hence LMV).  The following is what we will cover.

  • Proper Warm up for Pitchers
  • Fastball LMV eval, Change up LMV eval, Other LMV eval (here each pitcher will throw each of their pitches and we will rate their ability to locate, how much movement the pitch has, and record their speed from the radar gun)
  • We will also video each pitchers mechanics in slow motion
  • Full mechanics demo and participation
  • Best Drills for Location, Movement, and Velocity
  • Chalk Talk Mental Pitching
  • Final video and evals
  • Arm care

Please call 321-430-2963 to see when our next pitching clinic is scheduled.

Next Pitching Clinic 11/24/15

To Register for the Pitching Clinic on Tuesday 11/24 please make a payment of $75 (or $125 if you plan on attending Hitting Clinic on Monday 11/23 as well) and add the players name in the comments when paying.

Attending Both Clinics?

Then just show up on Tuesday at 9am to:

South Orange Sports Complex
11800 South Orange Ave.
Orlando FL 32877